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Our Policy

Our operational and financial policies

GaDangme Voice is a membership Association. It has principles and procedures, rules and guidelines adopted to reach our long-term goal. Our Association is founded upon the principles of democracy, volunteerism and common interest that are at the heart of the GaDangme experience. Our dues structure is designed to meet the growth demands of our Association, generate adequate income, be equitable, and lead to accuracy in reporting. 

Our policies are unique and reflect the core values and personality of our organisation. 

We have to utilise the strength of the people. Officers and volunteers must have a clear idea what role they are playing. Effective communication is the key to our inter-reaction. We make sure that every communication with our team is done with an eye towards achieving a goal.

Our financial policy contains roles, responsibilities and authority for effective and essential financial management. Activities and decisions are clarified in our financial policy. The purpose of our financial policy is to describe and document how the organisation wants its financial management activities carried out. We assign authority for necessary and regular financial actions and decisions. There is a clear-cut authority to spend funds, including prior approval, cheque signing and petty expenses. There is clear assignment of authority to enter into contracts with third parties. Clear responsibility for maintaining accurate financial records is defined. The Executive Council (EC) is ultimately responsible for the financial management of all activities.

The Treasurer is authorised to act on the Council's behalf on all financial matters. 

Our operational policy acts as a guideline to assist our officers and volunteers in the performance of their roles within the Association. Our policy provides an illustration of our operation, which covers, media interviews, welfare of the wider community, seminars and workshops, rallies, demonstrations, petitions, written representations, annual customary festivals and legal Pro Bono. 

We also have a management policy that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of our executive members.